WalmartOne PayStubWalmartOne is the employee management tool used by Walmart. Employees can view their paystub, work schedule and a lot of other things using the WalmartOne account. In this article, we will understand Walmart Benefits employees can see on WalmartOne and learn a few things about paystub.

Walmart Benefits | WalmartOne Employee Benefits:

Walmart offers many useful Benefits to its associates or employees. However, it has been observed that many associates are not even aware that they are entitled to some good Benefits. For example, there is much insurance offers available to the associates at very affordable prices as compared to the same perks available to the employees of the other companies.

walmartone paystub login on walmartone online portal

WalmartOne associates can also enjoy the benefits of discounted vision and dental checkups. Walmart has tie-ups with various health institutes and thus employees can take benefit of the quality check-up at reasonable prices.

There are many leave benefits as well, which the employees are entitled to. The benefits may vary depending upon your employment terms. Therefore, it is a good idea to explore the benefits section in your WalmartOne Account. Associates can get full payment for several weeks of leave of absence.

Walmart also offers life and accident insurances to its employees. Again, the benefits may vary and thus it is important to read the materials on WalmartOne site.

In addition to the medical benefits, employees also get the performance bonus on the quarterly bonus. This benefit largely depends upon the average hours worked. The quarterly bonus amount may change.

There are three methods to view your WalmartOne paystub. No matter which method you choose, it is always easy to access the pay stub on your WalmartOne account. In order to view the paystub and other personal information related to your employment or association with Walmart, you will need to create a WalmartOne account. This, you can do on the website or through the WalmartOne App.


App: Listed as WM1 on all official app stores

Whether you are using the website or app, the registration process is quite similar. Let’s take you through the registration process so that you can later view the paystub. Follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, acquire your WalmartOne Identification Number, also known as WIN. You will need this during registration. Contact your HR department or your manager for WIN (Please note that you will get the WIN only once you have received your first paycheck)
  2. Visit the website , or download and launch the WM1 app on your iOS or Android device
  3. Tap on the ‘Register’ link on the login screen below the Login button
  4. walmartone online portal login
  5. You will need to provide your WIN number along with other personal information including date and year of birth, Walmart joining date etc.
  6. By default the language is set to English; if you need to change it, select your preferred language from the dropdown
  7. Hit the ‘Go’ button
  8. Review the personal details you have provided on the proceeding screen
  9. If the information is correct, simply hit ‘Submit’ button
  10. On the proceeding pages/screens, you will be able to create a username and password for your Walmart pay stub portal

How To View The Walmart Paystub Online:

Once you have registered with WalmartOne, you can access a variety of details. You can view your work schedule, paystub, benefits, and a lot more.

In order to view your Paystub, locate the paystub option on the homepage (or home screen if you are logged in on the app). You will be able to see your recent and older paystubs.

You can also choose to download or email the pay stub so that you can view it later. It is a good idea to download the Walmart online paystub so that you can access it offline when you have no internet.

You can also have the paystub sent to you automatically in the email. Also, you can choose to receive the paystub summary in the text message. While WalmartOne sends the text messages for free, your carrier may charge a fee.

Some of the details you can see on the paystub include:

    • Gross Pay
    • Net Pay
    • Start date for pay period
    • End date for pay period
    • Pay date
    • Taxes
    • Other Deductions



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