WalmartOne Schedule: Viewing your Walmartone schedule hours is very easy. All you need to do is login to Walmartone through the mobile app or its web page. Walmartone app is available on both Android and iOS devices. The website works on all popular browsers. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It is listed as WM1.

If you are using Walmartone for the first time, to view your Walmartone schedule you will need to register for the login credentials. You can register on the website or through the downloaded app. The registration process is quite similar to the website and mobile app.

walmartone wire associate employees can check walmartone schedule using wm1 app

WalmartOne Registration To Check WalmartOne Schedule:

The very first thing you need to register for the Walmartone login is your WIN or Walmart Identification Number. WIN is given to the associates or employees after their hiring process is complete. If you have not received WIN yet, you will need to contact your manager or HR team.

Once you have acquired the identification number, you can follow these simple steps to register so that you can check the Walmart scheduled hours:

  1. Open the Walmartone app or visit the website
  2. Locate the ‘Register’ button on the screen – you will find it underneath the Login button
  3. Tap or click the ‘Register’ option
  4. On the proceeding screen, you will need to provide your personal information including:
    • WIN – Walmart Identification Number
    • Your date and year of birth
    • The date you joined Walmart (hiring date)
    • Your personal email address
  5. The default language during registration is English but you can change it from the Language dropdown
  6.  Now tap or click the button ‘Go’
  7. Verify if the information you have supplied is correct on the next screen
  8. If everything is okay, tap/click Submit

On the proceeding screens, you will need to follow the general instructions to complete the registration process.

Logging In WM1 App To View WalmartOne Schedule:

Now that you have successfully created the login credentials, you can view the Walmartone associate login schedule easily. You will first need to log in to the account. If you are using the app, simply launch it and tap the login button. If you are using a PC or Mac computer, visit to log in.

If you are using a mobile app, you will be taken to the Walmartone home screen. On your PC, you log in to the home page of the website. You can login on Mac, Windows PC, Android phone and tablets, iPhone and iPad.

Walmartone Schedule App:

You can download the app on Android and iOS devices or you can access Walmartone schedule app using the mobile browser. In both the cases, the layout is the same. Once you are logged in, you will see the schedule button in the center, right under the WalmartOne logo. Tap on it and you will be able to see 3 views – Today, Week View, and Availability.

You can scroll or slide the Today page forward or backward to view future or past dates. You can click the option ‘Full Schedule View’ on the bottom.

How To Check WalmartOne Schedule Hours On PC(Windows/Mac):

You can visit the WalmartOne website on your PC & Mac through a web browser. Once you are logged in, you will see the Schedule icon on the top close to your profile picture and name. It looks like a green calendar icon. This icon lets you view your weekly schedule. You can also click on the Widget on the right of the Walmartone homepage (labeled as ‘Today’s Schedule’).

Click on the calendar resembling icon on the top and a small pop-up will appear. You will see a summary of the schedule. You can click ‘View full schedule’ link in the popup. The full schedule page has two buttons on the top right – Month and Week. Under the button, you will see the total hours you are scheduled for the month or week (depending upon the button selected).


WalmartOne makes it easy for you to view your schedule. Log in to your WalmartOne account on the app or website to access the schedule. You will first need to register using your WalmartOne identification number. You can use the login credentials to view your schedule.


  • Ruth Ann Ogburn

    May 5, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    None of this works even with my name and password reset from Field Service. Our Personnel Director/Trainer at Store 1093 says she can’t get on to this from home either. How is supposed to help us. I really wish we had the old way back to print schedules and paystubs from home. If not then please wipe all of my ID and passwords out then send me instruction to my Email Adress so that I can go back to being able to print out what I need at home. Thank you for your time.

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